Aldergrove’s Frank Donaghy pedals for Cop for Cancer

Aldergrove’s Frank Donaghy is a Canada Border Services Agent participating in the Cops for Cancer Tour de Valley 2016.

Frank Donaghy is cycling for the Cops for Cancer Tour de Valley team this month.

Aldergrove’s Frank Donaghy is a Canada Border Services Agent participating in the Cops for Cancer Tour de Valley 2016.

Frank demonstrates his passion for the cause by engaging with schools and their students to increase cancer awareness and help youth understand how they can make a difference in a cancer patient’s life.

New and experienced riders will come together September 22-30 as they ride in Cops for Cancer Tour de Valley. The nine-day, 800km journey unites law enforcement and emergency personnel from across the province in the fight against cancer to raise funds for pediatric cancer and support programs like Camp Goodtimes.

Frank Donaghy is among the riders. After hearing about the event from a coworker and family friend, Frank signed up and completed his first Tour with Cops for Cancer in 2014. This year will be Frank’s second Tour and first time training a new rider.

Teaching the proper ridding posture, how to gear your bike, push and pull the pedals and how to not exhaust yourself quickly are key elements of completing the Tour. However, training for Cops for Cancer is as much physical prep as it is mental.

“Mental fitness will take you farther than your body will,” explains Frank. “Dig deep for what motivates you.”

As a father of two small children who lost both his parents to cancer, Frank’s motivation not only comes from his family but also his experience from visiting Camp Goodtimes.

“The children I met through Camp Goodtimes and the Tour are incredibly strong people,” says Frank. “I can’t imagine how strong the parents of that child facing cancer need to be.”

In 2014, Frank’s fundraising was more focused on the community and now after having been to Camp Goodtimes, he is more focused on school engagements.

“It is important to show kids what we are doing, talk about the tour and demonstrate to them that what we are doing has meaning,” says Frank. “It’s all about creating positive community change.”

When visiting schools, Frank and fellow team members sing songs, engage with the kids and bring in poster boards that have pictures of Camp Goodtimes and a $1,500 raised dollar goal – depicting the cost of sending one child to Camp Goodtimes.

Riders not only donate their time to fundraise and ride in the event but also share their passion for the cause with others. If you’d like to contribute to Frank Donaghy’s ride and raise funds for pediatric cancer research or help send a child to Camp Goodtimes visit

For information about Cops for Cancer Tour de Valley 2016 visit