When Diane Shanon’s grandmother died in the early 1980s, her father – who was in his early 50s at the time – went out and bought himself a 1982 Camaro pacer car – the first year of the new style for this now popular collector car. He wouldn’t take it out in the rain, kept it parked indoors all the time, and pampered it. Now, her father can no longer keep the car, so she purchased it, and maintaining his tradition of pampering, she takes it out to car shows like the one recently held in her own neighbourhood of Brookswood.(Roxanne Hooper/Langley Advance)

Car show nets $9,000 for Langley school music and auto classes

Planning underway for 2018 show ‘n‘ shine at Brookswood Secondary.

D.W. Poppy Secondary had such a great idea with a car show held on its school grounds for the past 30-plus years, that a parent at Brookswood thought she’d try mirror the idea at her son’s school.

While the Poppy show literally attracts hundreds of custom and collector car owners every spring, Angie Colley Venne thought she could entice a hundred or so car show enthusiasts out for an end of the season show.

The results were “great” and plans are already afoot to do it again next year, Colley Venne said.

“The show went really well, far better than anticipated,” she told the Langley Advance. “We raised just under $9,000.”

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There were 210 cars and trucks, from rat rods and classic vehicles to custom trucks and stunt cars rolled out onto the grass fields beside the school for the inaugural show in late September.

Owners laid out lawn chairs, the music director set up a concession, leadership students served up breakfast, senior band members performed, other students pitched in directing traffic, a few dozen parents and teachers offered assistance, and – much to Colley Venne’s surprise and delight – literally hundreds of car enthusiasts came to look.

With a $3 admission cost, the event proved to be a lucrative fundraiser, with the proceeds earmarked for the music and automotive programs at Brookswood, Colley Venne said.

“It was nerve racking… but in the end, everyone pulled together and it worked out great,” she said, reflecting back on the day.

“We are very excited to do this again,” Colley Venne said. “We will probably still go ahead with a September date. It’s kinda cool that Poppy has the season opener and we have the season ender. Perfect book ends.”


Aleta Lazarich showed off her orange 1969 Coyote Duster at the Brookswood car show. The Surrey woman bought the car in 1997 as a family car. In it’s day, she said, it was known as the typical daddy’s sedan. Today, it’s a collector muscle car. When her car started to get a little rusty and run down, they parked it. But Lazarich didn’t want to give it up. Instead, she embarked on a complete restoration that took nine years. She put it back on the road in 2014, and likes taking it out to fundraising car shows – like this one – every chance she gets. “I love talking about my car,” she said, noting it’s usually parked alongside her husbands 1968 hemi Charger. Most of the shows, she said, she’s the lone woman in the crowd with a car. (Roxanne Hooper/Langley Advance)