Country star ‘empowers’ youth

Country singer Ryan Laird visits Shortreed Elementary school students in Aldergrove next week.

Country singer Ryan Laird visits Shortreed Elementary school students next week.

Ryan Laird will be bringing the “BiggerThanThat!” youth empowerment program to Aldergrove next week.

Laird, a Canadian country recording artist, is well-known for his Top 10 hit single “I’m Your Man” and has been nominated twice for Canadian Country Music Awards.

In 2014, he helped to found the BiggerThanThat! program. The program is designed to build self-confidence and empower children to reach for their dreams by demonstrating a real life success story. “I’m hoping to motivate as many kids as I can to never stop chasing their dreams and never let a bully stand in their way of success and happiness in life. After hearing their stories about bullying experiences and the many dreams that they aspire to in their lives, I was inspired to use my voice as an artist to provide message driven music concerts which empower youth to dream big and overcome negative influences,” said Ryan Laird.

Since 2014, Ryan has visited more than 250,000 youths all across Canada and the United States.

During the in-school program, he performs the top rated Canadian charting song, “I’m Your Man”, as well as songs, “Hey Ashley”, “I’m In The Band”, and “Bigger Than That”, all specifically written for the message and purpose of the BiggerThanThat! program.

During musical breaks in the program, students or community members are encouraged to join Ryan on stage to share their experiences, or their dreams with the entire audience.

Ryan will be visiting Shortreed Community School, Tuesday, May 24, 9 a.m., with the BiggerThanThat! program.