Aldergrove Secondary student Sammy Lin and teacher Dan Renaud show off some of the blooms they’ve cultivated in the school patio at the school’s horticultural “sustainable living” class. The school is also growing vegetables and herbs for the school’s lunch program.

Smiling volunteers bring sunshine to fall days

Aldergrove Seniors News

How quickly the summer has passed and we’re beginning to hear plans for Christmas already. It’s quite startling.

The crib games on Mondays the OAP Hall will be continuing but under new leadership. Carpet bowling started with a bang, 17 players, but has fallen off since then with only one carpet and nine players on Monday. I hope to see attendance pick up as it usually does.

The art club resumed meeting again on Sept. 14 and artist Tony Reagan has begun teaching classes for three weeks every Wednesday at the OAP Hall. Drop in and join the fun, share in the learning. Bridge meets as usual on Friday evenings at the OAP Hall.

Two weeks ago our monthly pot luck dinner at the OAP Hall was well attended, with some new faces helping bring the crowd up to 39. The food was delicious and card bingo was enjoyed after dinner, with yours truly happy to be the first game winner.

The Rock and Gem Club’s show last weekend was most interesting. Guests pondered “what am I?” and guessed thunder egg, geode artifact or just a ho-hum beacxh rock

but no matter what you couldn’t help but marvel at the unique items on display. A lazy susan made up of different rocks and a pretty snowflake-like rock were among those that caught your eyes.

The club also had booths at which you could buy different jewellery items, and a fabulous lunch was served by the Royal Purple Ladies. Congratulations to all for a great show.

I’ve just returned from a delicious turkey dinner at the Catholic Church. Once again, credit to the volunteers who set up a great event of this size.

At the Veterans and Seniors Club the general meeting last week was well attended. Many issues were discussed and decisions made. Their fall sale is set for Saturday, Nov. 26. Contributions to the gourmet hamper will be gladly received.

We also encourage more seniors to indulge in our cook’s fine noon dinners. We would gladly welcome more members to join the club. Seniors in Aldergrove are fortunate to have a meeting where you can enjoy the company of others at mealtime and card games.

The Christmas dinner is set for Dec. 5 at the Aldergrove RC Legion, and is a joint effort of the OAP and Vets and Seniors clubs. Further details are to be announced but the date and entertainment have been set.

Here’s a silly story about a man’s visit to his doctor. After finishing his examination the doctor looked at his patient and said, “I can’t pin down the exact cause of your trouble but it’s probably due to drinking too much.” The man looked back at him and replied, “Gee, I’m sorry to hear that, Doc. I’ll come back when you are sober.”