Taylor Berg is getting training in hairdressing at Aldergrove Secondary through the industry certified ACE-IT (Accelerated Credit Enrolment Industry Training) program. Aldergrove Secondary offers training in carpentry and automotive service technician careers as well.

Students in pursuit of careers ACE-IT

This past week BCIT and Langley School District launched the first ACE-IT Dual Credit Electrical Program for high school students. Five students are now finishing their grade 12 year and simultaneously earning credit for Level 1 Electrical Apprenticeship at D.W. Poppy Secondary.

Similar programs are offered at other Langley high schools, including Aldergrove Secondary’s ACE-IT programs for hairdressers, carpenters and automotive service technicians.


When Level 3 electrical apprentice Dylan O’Brien asked to borrow a function generator, his instructor assumed it was for a simple audio experiment or small electronic project. When Dylan returned the test equipment he presented some images of what he had been up to; a fully functioning Tesla Coil.

Dylan constructed his Tesla Coil using a neon sign transformer, some copper tubing from the hardware store and various other material. The device generates an extremely high voltage of approximately 600,000 volts which jumps from the transformer ‘top load’ (which is actually some 4” aluminum heating duct) into the surrounding atmosphere. From a safe distance, the resulting lightning puts on an impressive show.

Having started his apprenticeship in BCIT’s Langley pre-apprenticeship program, Dylan will graduate from Level 4 this May. He is one of many students who have benefitted from the Langley School District and BCIT partnership.

BCIT and D.W. Poppy are planning an open house for prospective students on Tuesday, March 29 from 1 to 3:30 p.m.