LETTER: ‘Hordes of rats’ needs coordinated response


Recently I read an article about ‘hordes of rats’ rampaging in Aldergrove, which speaks to the current problem with rats/rodents within Aldergrove.

Within the article, it mentions that residents are asking the Township of Langley to ramp up the rat control following the increase of developments within the city. It is understandable as to why people are worried about the influx of rats within neighbourhoods because they do carry diseases which can be passed onto humans and pets, but they also can cause damage to both houses and property. Once an area is cleared for future developments, these rodents are going to try and find another place to live where they have access to food, and city neighbourhoods are the perfect spot for the rats to relocate in.

It seems like there needs to be a mix of both the city and the people living in the neighbourhood working together to be able to battle the problem at hand. For example, Langley City has a page on their website with information to help prevent rats from making a home within other neighbourhoods, but if people choose not to follow it, they may still experience problems. But then, the city must also take into consideration of the rural areas in which they are destroying for future buildings and the current wildlife which may be calling that area home.

Once their houses are removed, they must move elsewhere. But both the Township of Langley and residents of Aldergrove need to work in conjunction together to attempt to solve the problem at hand, in my opinion.

Jenna Hunt