Abbotsford Police and Langley RCMP have partnered for a new initiative to target property crime along the Abbotsford-Aldergrove border.

Abbotsford and Langley police team up for Project Border Town

The Abbotsford Police Department and Langley RCMP have partnered to conquer crime along the Abbotsford-Aldergrove border.

The Abbotsford Police Department (APD) and Langley RCMP have partnered in a crime-fighting project that is believed to be the first of its kind among detachments across the Lower Mainland.

Patrol divisions from the two sides have teamed up in pairs to target property crimes and offenders operating along the Abbotsford-Aldergrove border. Eight primary officers (four from each detachment) and another eight secondary members are involved, said Abbotsford Police Const. Ian MacDonald.

He said Project Border Town was initiated to address an almost 100 per cent hike in property crime in the last year on both sides of the Station Road boundary.

He said the area north of Fraser Highway has experienced mostly residential crimes, such as stolen vehicles and thefts from cars.

The area south has recorded mainly commercial break-ins, including metal thefts.

The Gloucester industrial area, north of Fraser Highway near Hwy. 1, is another area of concern.

MacDonald said several individuals have been identified as people of interest, and key locations have been pinpointed for the fencing of stolen goods.

He said much “information sharing” had already being going on between the APD and Langley RCMP, but the partnership will be more efficient.

Previously, one patrol car and one officer from each detachment were designated to each side of the boundary. If either officer needed assistance, they had to call for back-up from their own detachment.

Now, they will share a vehicle and operate in both jurisdictions.

“Those two will get the benefit of information sharing and the benefits of two people working together on a common problem,” he said.

Langley RCMP Cpl. Holly Marks described the initiative as an example of cooperative policing to combat “crime that knows no borders.”

“We work together quite well and quite often,” she said of the relationship with the APD.

Project Border Town began last Tuesday (Feb. 1).

More information about the initiative can be obtained by calling MacDonald at 604-864-4721or 604-835-6070.

Marks can be reached at 604-532-3231 or 778-991-7932.