Two American brothers were recently fined and handed a 10 year firearms ban for trying to bring in a handgun and ammo through the Aldergrove border.

American brothers fined for guns at Aldergrove border

Brothers tried to bring in a hand gun each and ammo without declaring it at the Aldergrove border crossing last May.

Two American brothers have been fined and given 10 year firearms bans after crossing the Aldergrover border with prohibited guns.

On May 31, 2016, Jason Beverett didn’t declare any firearms when crossing into Canada at the Aldergrove border. He was referred for a secondary examination and a search of his vehicle resulted in an unloaded .40 calibre handgun and two loaded magazines in his luggage.

On the same day, but at a separate time, his brother Arthur also crossed the border at Aldergrove. He too was referred for a second examination.

During the search an unloaded 9mm handgun and loaded magazine were discovered inside toolboxes in his trailer. Both brothers were arrested by boxer service officers and charged by the Canadian Border Services Agency’s criminal investigation section.

In November, Jason pleaded guilty to making false statements and possession of a prohibited firearm in Surrey Provincial Court. In December, Arthur did the same.

The brothers were fined $2,500 under the Customs Act and $1,000 for the Criminal Code offense, a $300 victim surcharge and 10 year firearms ban.

In 2016, 214 firearms were seized. Of those, 24 firearms were seized at the Aldergrove border crossing.