Roughly 15 people gathered at the corner of 232 Street and Fraser Highway Friday morning to protest what they feel is the inhumane treatment of pigs at the nearby Britco Pork Inc. plant. A few RCMP officers were stationed at the end of 232 Street to keep the peace. Troy Landreville Langley Times

Animal activitists gather Friday morning to protest pigs’ treatment

Protesters ‘bear witness’ to transport trucks taking pigs to Britco plant

Roughly 15 people stood along the north side of Fraser Highway just east of 232 Street on Friday morning, as a collective voice for pigs destined for slaughter.

The demonstraters protested what they believe is the inhumane treatment of pigs at the Britco Pork Inc. pork processing operation just west of where they stood on Fraser Highway.

They were there to show their disapproval of transport trucks bringing pigs to the plant at the 22900 block of Fraser Highway.

An online corporate web page describes the Langley operation, which is owned by Donald’s Fine Foods, as a small, high-quality “specialty pork plant.”

These kinds of protests are commonplace near Britco Pork.

In March, protesters from Langley Pig Save, part of the Canada Save Movement that aims to “bear witness to animals” as they arrive for slaughter, picketed transport trucks heading to the plant.

Members of Langley Pig Save meet at Britco Pork on Fraser Highway every second Saturday of the month to “spread the message of compassion and kindness.”

The next vigil is scheduled for Sept. 9.