Annual list of Township’s top earners released

Eight municipal salaries topped $200,000 mark last year, while 146 employees made more than $100,000

Township of Langley CAO Mark Bakken was the municipalities top earner last year

Eight of the highest paid employees in the Township of Langley each brought home more than $200,000 last year.

Topping the list is CAO Mark Bakken, who was paid $313,713 and claimed $16,341 in expenses, followed by general manager of municipal administration and community services, Jason Winslade, who took home $251,896 and claimed  $2,237 in expenses.

The wages were presented to council on June 27 in the 2015 Statement of Financial Information and 2015 Annual Report, which lists 293 Township employees who earned $75,000 or more.

Also reaching the $200,000 mark were general manager of engineering and community development Ramin Seifi, director of corporate administration Christine Blair, director of human resources Shannon Harvey-Renner, director of finance Hilary Tsikayi, director of development services Stephen Richardson and director of public works Roeland Zwaag.

There were 146 people who made more than $100,000, most of whom are firefighters and department managers, and 139 people who made between $75,000 and $99,979.

Of the elected officials, Mayor Jack Froese earned the highest pay with $128,839 remuneration and $10,567 in expenses.

Coun. Charlie Fox was paid $54,595 and $1,993 in expenses; Coun. Bob Long was paid $53,575 and $8,640 in expenses; Coun. Angie Quaale was paid $53,106 and $7,233 in expenses; Coun. Petrina Arnason was paid $53,059 and $7,139 in expenses; Coun. Michelle Sparrow was paid $53,011 and $3,052 in expenses; Coun. Kim Richter was paid $53,011 and $4,896 in expenses; Coun. Blair Whitmarsh was paid $51,229 and $2,797 in expenses and Coun. David Davis made the least, at $48,774 and $70 in expenses.