The search for a man who fell into the water upriver from the government wharf at 88 and 252 Street in Langley has ended. Dan Ferguson Langley Times

UPDATE: Search ends for man who fell off barge into Fraser River

The search for a 72-year-old Langley man who fell off a barge in the Fraser River was called off after a second day of searching the shoreline Tuesday, RCMP said.

Searchers found no sign of the man, who was said to be a non-swimmer.

He fell in Monday night (July 17), at a location a distance upriver from the government wharf at 88 Avenue and 252 Street.

A resident of the area said the accident was witnessed by another person who saw the man fall in and go under.

Teams from both Central Fraser Valley and Ridge Meadows as well as the New Westminster Police Marine Unit carried out the search.