Collecting TP for Langley animals

Critter Care is picking up donated items in Langley City.

The pile of paper products in McBurney Coffee and Tea House was already chest high by 11 a.m., a good sign for the animals at Critter Care.

McBurney’s played host to an effort by the animal rescue group to collect as much paper as possible on Friday and Saturday.

Critter Care needs toilet paper, tissue paper, paper towels, and cleaning products to clean up after the 2,000 animals, many of them orphaned babies, expected this year.

The centre already has about 400 raccoons alone, along with bears, squirrels, and an opossum.

A sale seems to have inspired people to pick up toilet paper for the project, said Eleanor Wells, a Critter Care volunteer who was watching over the collected items.

Saturday was the second day of the event. Wells was hoping that for the second day in a row, the donations will fill a truck.

The non-profit also has a wishlist of donated items, that can be found HERE.