Enrolment up, as Abbotsford School District students get back to class

Police concentrating on school zones as drivers adjust to new season

Students in schools across Abbotsford School District are back in class today (Sept. 5).

Abbotsford School District students are back in class for a short day to kick off the new school year.

The district has projected a total enrolment of 19,099 students, an increase of less than one per cent from last year’s 18,953, when the district filled 93 per cent of its total capacity.

The enrolment numbers are likely to fluctuate through September, before a confirmed account is available near the end of the month.

Drivers will have help remembering school is back in session, thanks to increased school zone speeding enforcement from Abbotsford Police.

Cst. Ian MacDonald said both traffic enforcement officers and those on regular patrol will be putting particular focus on school zones for the next week, as people get back into the habit of slowing down to 30 km/h between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.

Drivers caught exceeding the limit could face a minimum penalty of $196 and three points on their licence, if they are clocked going between 31 and 50 km/h. The fine rises to $253 for speeders going 51 to 70 km/h, to $368 from 71 to 90 km/h and $483 for those exceeding 90 km/h.