Extra $13,000 for Green in ’09

Township council members who serve on the Metro Vancouver board of directors or its standing committees, can add thousands of dollars to the salaries they earn in Langley.

When they submitted their own list of candidates they hoped Metro Vancouver chairman Lois Jackson would pick for standing committees, a majority of Township council omitted Mayor Rick Green’s name.

Green had already served two years on those committees, which included agriculture and finance.

Several days after the list was submitted to Jackson, Green wrote a letter of his own, asking Jackson to keep him on.

Jackson, who has sole responsibility to appoint committee members, agreed.

Most of the committees meet once a month with the exception of August and December.

Some committees, such as the finance committee, may hold further special meetings as well.

Elected officials are paid $322 for every meeting that lasts up to four hours. Longer than that, and the fee is automatically doubled to $644.

Attendance on several committees can quickly plump up an elected official’s bank balance.

In 2009, the most recent year for which Metro Vancouver figures are available, Green earned $13,088. As Township mayor, Green also earned $93,724 that year.