Final election numbers don’t rock re-elected Langley MLAs

Election BC released its “interim” numbers from May 9’s election, including absentee and mail votes.

Elections BC has just released the final numbers from the May 9 election, confirming what Langleyites already knew – they have re-elected four Liberal MLAs by a handy margin.

The numbers were posted Friday, showing that the final the final count of absentee votes, as well as those by mail, brought in an additional 2,074 votes in the Langley riding.

The largest percentage of those votes went to NDP’s candidate Gail Chaddock-Costello, who received an additional 823 votes, bringing her total to 8,384.

But it wasn’t enough to rock incumbent Liberal MLA Mary Polak position. Polak received an additional 796 votes, maintaining her victory going up from 9,959 votes on May 9 and through advanced polls (6763), to a final count of 10,755.

In the neighbouring riding of Langley East, the final vote count was 30,584, up 2,802 with the addition of absentee ballots and mail-in votes.

That didn’t dramatically alter the numbers for incumbent MLA Rich Coleman, who had received 15,006 in advance polls and on election night. Through absentees and mail, he garnered an additional 1,342 votes, while the NDP candidate Inder Johal gained an additional 959 votes (up to 8,820), and Green Party candidate Bill Masse scored an extra 475 (bringing him up to 4,968 votes.

Residents in the eastern end of Langley noted the most significant riding boundary changes in Langley ahead of the 2017 provincial election, but incumbent Liberal MLA Michael de Jong still held tight to his seat.

He received 10,927 votes, and with the addition of 691 absentee and mail votes, that increased to 11,618 of the overall 22,250 ballots cast.

That beat out de Jong’s nearest competitor, NDP candidate Preet Rai, who gained an extra 558 votes, moving up from 5,916 to 6,474.

Likewise the Abbotsford South riding, which extends into Aldergrove, saw Liberal incumbent MLA Darryl Plecas easily maintain his seat with 11,673 votes, compared to his nearest competitor, NDP’s Jasleen Arora, who gained an extra 646 votes through absentee and mail ballots, bringing her to 6,297.

That riding only received 1,504 absentee and mail votes, pushing the final number of votes cast in Abbotsford West to 21,037.

You can see all the numbers from the province’s 41st election, by ridings.