Fraser Health issues 420 warning to teens

More than 100 people visited Lower Mainland ERs following last year's event in downtown Vancouver, according to health authority

Fraser Health has issued warning to teens and parents on the eve of 420 — a popular gathering day in Vancouver for pot smokers.

School boards are also reminding students that April 20 is not a statutory holiday, nor is it a day off school,  as thousands of teenagers have skipped class to attend the big smoke-in in past years.

Fraser Health said in a news release, that following this event last year, there were more than 100 visits to the emergency room because people were sick after eating too much marijuana that had been baked into brownies and cakes, and included in freezies and other sweets sold at 420.

Half of those seen in ERs were under 23 years old.

The Fraser Health warning goes onto say that “scientific evidence shows that marijuana can have severe and long-lasting effects on developing brains.”

They warn that it is easy to consume too much because it can take several hours for the high to take effect and people consume more looking for an immediate high.

Fraser Health also says while many use pot to manage symptoms of mental illness, it can actually mask symptoms and research indicates that pot can increase the risk of anxiety, depression and schizophrenia. For information or treatment options call 604-660-9382.