Langley Mounties seek scooter thief

Two hotwired electric bikes have been dumped in Willoughby in July.

These scooters were recovered in Willoughby, but police haven’t located their owners.

An electric scooter thief appears to be at work in Langley – but police haven’t yet identified the victims of two recent thefts.

On July 17 and again on July 19, officers recovered stolen electric scooters, both in the Willoughby area, said Cpl. Holly Largy, spokesperson for the Langley RCMP.

Both scooters had been tampered with in the same way, with wires ripped out and the cover to the ignition tampered with.

Scooters like these are not the same as internal combustion scooters. Technically, they are electric bicycles, and they typically don’t have a high top speed.

Police haven’t found the owners, and haven’t received complaints of missing scooters identifying them by serial number.

The mystery scooters are just one incident Langley RCMP are investigating.

Two women, caught on camera on July 6, allegedly used a credit card stolen from a purse to make purchases of more than $100 at a Mac’s Convenience Store and a liquor store.

Only July 28, a man allegedly used a stolen debit card in Langley. The suspect is described as a 5’0” Caucasian man with visible tattoos, who was wearing a black baseball cap, hoodie, and a T-shirt at the time.

Another theft suspect allegedly took more than $100 worth of razor blades and batteries from the Langley Superstore. He is a skinny Caucasian man in his 20s, 5’10” tall, with short blonde hair.

Police are also looking for a bicycle stolen from the 19700 block of the Langley Bypass on July 23. The bike was purchased second-hand for $3,000.


Langley RCMP suspect these women are linked to a stolen credit card.

This bike was stolen on July 23.

Police alleged this man used a stolen debit card.