This Aldergrove home was behind police tape over the weekend while police seized guns

Langley RCMP find more than a robbery in progress at Aldergrove home

Home in the 27000 block of 27B Avenue was behind police tape this weekend. Police found guns, drugs and cash inside.

An Aldergrove home placed behind police tape this weekend was the subject of a robbery in progress Saturday night that led police to find drugs, weapons and cash inside.

Langley RCMP were called to a large home in the 27000 block of 27B Avenue on Saturday night after three men were seen breaking in through a top floor window.

Because police didn’t know if there were residents in danger inside, they entered the home.

Once inside, officers found firearms and marijuana inside the home, said Langley RCMP Cpl. Holly Largy.

The residents weren’t home at the time of the break-in, she said. Nor were the thieves, who fled before police arrived.

“We applied and were granted a search warrant. We seized several firearms, ammunition, cocaine, marijuana, hash, several thousands of dollars in cash,” Largy said.

The investigation is ongoing.