Murrayville house hit by late night burglar

The thief entered the home while residents were asleep.

Warmer weather and open windows are tempting targets for Langley thieves, according to the Langley RCMP.

A Murrayville resident recently suffered a break in through a home office window, said Cpl. Holly Largy, spokesperson for the local Mounties.

On Aug. 4, someone entered a home office through a window, making off with a laptop, wallet, and cash.

The theft took place overnight, and the residents didn’t hear anything, likely due to air conditioners and fans running at the time.

The RCMP have also received a number of complaints in Langley City of residents who have had window screens removed or cut on ground floor windows. Luckily, whoever was behind the damage didn’t manage to gain access to the homes.

“Even though it is unbearably hot during the night, residents are cautioned to consider home security,” said Largy. “If you are going to leave a window open on the ground level of your home, you should employ some kind of security brace and only leave the window open a couple inches.”

She also recommended making the rounds of the home to check before bed everynight, checking windows are braced and closed, doors and garage are locked, and removing valuable and garage door openers from inside of the car.