Neighbour worries outdoor party spot in Brookswood a fire hazard

Evidence of a firepit and burned office chair in wooded area behind cemetery

The charcoaled remains of a burned office chair rested on its back at what has become a popular party spot for area youths in Brookswood.

A clearing in the middle of a wooded area several metres west of the Langley Lawn Cemetery was filled with fast food wrappers and plastic zipper bags.

Logs surrounded a living room chair, and a black circle painting the dirt floor showed evidence of a fire.

The word ‘Ku$h’ was painted vertically on a couple of trees standing next to each other.

A nearby resident, who wishes to stay anonymous, said the RCMP and Langley Township bylaw officers know about this trouble spot, “but nobody has come to clean it up or touch it.”

She said the area is frequented by area teens because it is camouflaged by the trees.

“It’s a mess under there,” the neighbour said.

Her biggest concern is, with the tinder dry conditions, that if a fire is started there, or things are being burned, there could be serious consequences.

“We do have a fire ban in place,” she said. “Everything is so dry, it could go up very easily.”

Bill Storie, senior advisor to council and acting manager of bylaws with the Township, addressed the issue Wednesday.

“The bylaw department will check it out tomorrow, see who it belongs to, and have it cleaned up,” Storie told the Times. “If it’s on Township property, we will have it removed immediately and if it’s on private property, then we’ll work with owner (to clean up the area).”


‘Ku$h’ is painted on a pair of trees found in a party spot behind the Langley Lawn Cemetery in Brookswood. Troy Landreville Langley Times

A popular gathering place for youths, just west of the Langley Lawn Cemetery is littered with debris, including a burned office chair. Troy Landreville Langley Times ‘It’s a mess,’ says resident, about a popular gathering place for youths, just west of the Langley Lawn Cemetery. Troy Landreville Langley Times