Aldergrove's outdoor swimming pool received another coat of sealant paint on the weekend

Problems at Aldergrove’s outdoor pool delay opening

Paint continues to cause cloudy water conditions, forces opening delay

More problems with cloudy water have delayed the opening of the Aldergrove outdoor pool by six days until Sunday, June 21.

An unsigned memo from the recreation, culture and parks department to Township council reports an attempt to fix a paint problem that forced repeated shutdowns last summer has failed and more work will be required.

Fresh paint applied to the walls of the pool leached into the water last year, making it cloudy.

While the cloudiness didn’t present a health hazard to swimmers, it was considered a safety issue because it made it impossible for lifeguards to see the bottom of the pool.

Based on consultations with other municipalities and painting contractors it appears it was a case of poor preparation of the pool surface before painting and failing to give the paint enough to cure before the pool was filled with water, the memo discloses.

The municipal department hired a contractor to properly prepare the surface and repaint the pool before the 2015 season.

The work needed 10 days of warm weather to make sure the paint was properly cured.

By the end of May, the work was done and municipal staff filled and heated the pool.

” … everything [was] looking treat until late last week when the cloudiness returned” the memo says.

The pool has been drained and the contractor has applied a coating of sealant over the paint.

Once the sealant is cured, the pool will be refilled.

“We are very hopeful that this course of action will solve the water clarity issue and there will be no need for further closures” the memo states.

The outdoor pool in Fort Langley has experienced the same problem and has also had a coat of sealant applied. It will open as scheduled on June 22.

Aldergrove’s outdoor swimming pool received another coat of sealant paint on the weekend, for its re-scheduled opening for the season Sunday, June 21. Swimming lessons booked for the first week of June 15-19 were relocated to W.C. Blair Rec Centre.

The Philip Jackman Spray Park next to the pool at 27155 – 32 Avenue was closed over the weekend due to maintenance issues, but re-opened Monday, June 15 and is open daily until 8:30 p.m.

For more information, contact Township Parks Operations 604-532-7350.