Township of Langley firefighters deployed to Williams Lake to help with wildfire

A crew and fire truck from Langley are headed there Tuesday evening

The Township fire department has been called on to help fight the raging fire at Williams Lake.

Around 3 p.m., Township firefighters got the call that they were needed in Williams Lake, said deputy fire chief Bruce Ferguson.

“We got a call and we are sending a crew and a truck to Williams Lake. They are expecting an event in the next 24 to 48 hours,” said Ferguson. He didn’t know the details of what exactly the ‘event’ will be, whether it is a weather event or that the fire may change directions, he added.

Four Township of Langley firefighters and a chief commanding officer are currently gearing up. They expected to be on the road to Williams Lake around dinnertime Tuesday.

The Cariboo and North Thompson regions can expect hot and dry conditions with a small risk of thunderstorms and rain. Residents in the Williams Lake and Quesnel areas are scrambling to get out of the area as wildfires continue to grow.

Today, a public information meeting was called in Williams Lake as the wildfire there is estimated to be 15,660 hectares.

No word on whether Langley City Fire Rescue will be called to help out as well.

Today, BC RCMP held a press conference to announce that 340 officers have been deployed to various locations to carry out 24-hour patrols and help with evacuations. Looting has already been a problem.