Former Township of Langley councillor Grant Ward was the municipality's top earner on council for 2014.

Township salaries, council remuneration figures released

Seven employees earned more than $200,000 in 2014, annual report on top employees’ pay rates, council remuneration indicates

Seven Langley Township employees were paid more than $200,000 last year, a just-released annual statement of financial information for municipal staff shows.

The report, required by law, shows senior Township administrator Mark Bakken made over $300,000 in 2014 — $291,898 in remuneration plus $11,906 in expenses.

Engineering and community development manager Ramin Seifi made $246,101 plus $9,873 expenses.

General manager of municipal administration and community services Jason Winslade made $247,371 plus $1,271 in expenses.

Human Resources director Shannon Harvey-Renner made $204,731 plus $2,013 in expenses.

Finance director Hilary Tsikayi made $204,731 plus $1,367 in expenses.

Parks and recreation director David Leavers made $204,888 plus $649 in expenses.

Public works director Roeland Zwaag made $195,349 plus $5,245 in expenses.

The report said the Township has 116 employees with salaries greater than $100,000, 46 of them firefighters.

A look at Canadian averages for equivalent positions shows senior managers of financial, communications, and other businesses in Canada make $225,000 a year while managers of utilities, transportation, and construction make $205,000.

The average pay for a private sector CEO in Canada is $9.1 million.

The average B.C. salary is $46,900.

The Township also released its annual report on council compensation, showing mayor Jack Froese made $109,143 plus $9,280 in expenses last year.

The figures for council members were skewed because of the civic election last year, in which three incumbents, Grant Ward, Bev Dornan and Steve Ferguson, were ousted and three new members, Petrina Arnason, Blair Whitmarsh and Angie Quaale, were elected.

Even though he didn’t serve a full year, councillor Grant Ward still made the most money, with $47,755 in salary plus $9,732 in expenses.

Ward, Ferguson and Dornan were the only members of council to accept a controversial travel allowance, a $340 a month top-up proposed by an independent task force on council pay rates in 2011.

At the tine, Ferguson and Dornan said they would make donations to charity.