The Township of Langley engineering department is testing its sewer system lines by putting harmless smoke bombs in it. The smoke coming up drains drew a lot of calls to emergency lines this week.

Township smoke tests lights up emergency lines

Fire department received calls Wednesday from Aldergrove residents reporting smoke coming from drains.

If smoke is coming up from your sink drain, don’t panic, said Township fire department.

Langley fire department’s phone lines lit up on Wednesday with Aldergrove residents reporting smoke coming from outside storm grates, roof vents and even sink drains.

The Township engineering department has been testing the sewer systems by putting smoke bombs through the lines, said assistant fire chief Pat Walker.

They are testing to see if there are any leaks in the pipes. The smoke is harmless.

Walker recommends residents run water for a short time on bathtubs and sinks that haven’t been used in a while to clear out any potentially trapped smoke.