UPDATE: Big bang mystery solved in Aldergrove

Loud noise rocks area near secondary school Saturday night. Police now confirm that a bear banger was let off inside classroom.

Langley RCMP have now solved the mystery of the big bang mystery in Aldergrove that drew more than 50 people outside to find out what the source of the noise was Saturday, Sept. 10.

“There was a break-in to Aldergrove Community Secondary School that evening,” said Langley RCMP Cpl. Holly Largy. “An air or bear banger was deployed in a classroom around the same time the explosion sound was heard by everyone.”

A loud noise that sounded like an explosion rocked Aldergrove Saturday night around 8 p.m.

The sound generated more than a dozen 911 calls from the area near 28A Ave. and 269 St. near Aldergrove Community Secondary School.

Eyewitness accounts varied from seeing a flash to fireworks that went in to the air and detonated.

Langley RCMP arrived at the scene to find more than 50 people had gathered in the parking lot of the Aldergrove Community Centre on 29 Ave. to look for the source of the noise.

A search of the nearby park, skate board park and fields by citizens, Langley Township fire services and police on the ground aided by the Air 1 police helicopter did not find anything that resembled an explosion, RCMP said at the time.

The police weren’t notified about the break-in to the school until Monday, said Largy.

The culprits broke a window to gain entry and along with detonating the loud device, they also tore out a projector from the ceiling, causing a lot of damage.

There was a burn pattern on one of the desks where the bear banger was set off, police said.

They don’t have any suspects.

The noise amplified by the surrounding buildings that were made of concrete.