SIMPSON: Hey politicians, stop the masquerade – your project is actually old news

Politicians love getting the biggest bang for their buck when it comes to making announcements, especially in election years.

Pipeline not a done deal

Contrary to some public opinion, approval of the Kinder Morgan Expansion pipeline project (KMX) is not a done deal.

  • Feb 16th, 2017

Kudos to work crews

Kudos to the ladies and gentlemen who have worked so hard to keep our highways and byways and several parking lots cleared of snow

  • Feb 16th, 2017
Kodiaks score on Panthers
    'She is a tough cookie,' says husband of found Coquitlam dog walker
      Packaging that won't 'entice' youth among feds' marijuana proposals
        Indigenous grandmother tells the story of raising her grandchildren while poor

          Aid is a priority too

          Why is it that international aid, much like music in the schools, is one of the first things to go when the budget gets tight?

          • Feb 16th, 2017

          SIMPSON: A night of WWE wrestling can teach you – and your son – a lot about life

          Sitting with my son in Abbotsford Centre for WWE’s Road to Wrestlemania, I realized there can be much to learn from pro wrestling

          Thanking our community volunteers

          The holiday season brings out the best in people and it's a time of year when volunteers in our community really step up.

          • Jan 4th, 2017

          Emperor is naked

          The main reason Donald Trump won the U.S. election is that the average "little guy" is sick and tired of not being able to express opinions

          • Jan 4th, 2017

          Weighing pipeline pros and cons

          Climate and First Nations leaders condemn the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion and pledge to fight.

          • Jan 4th, 2017

          Clark looks for housing boom in 2017

          Premier Christy Clark's year-end interview, on housing costs, oil and gas, carbon pricing, teachers and government ads

          • Dec 27th, 2016

          Push is on for cycling lane on 32nd Avenue

          Bike lanes on 32nd Avenue in Aldergrove are a priority that must be addressed.

          • Dec 13th, 2016

          Township’s measures on 16 Avenue ‘too little, too late’

          A long-term regional plan must be devised for the busy commuter route,says columnist and former Times editor, Frank Bucholtz

          CARTOON: Notley pleads her case

          Alberta Premier Rachel Notley focus of editorial cartoon

          • Dec 7th, 2016

          ‘Man Up’ play seeks hope

          The choices we make as youths will affect our lives as adults — provided that we live long enough to become adults.

          Letters: Langley Youth Homelessness Task Force continue efforts to raise awareness

          Members seeking warm clothing, food and gifts for homeless youth

          • Nov 23rd, 2016

          Something for nothing ideology rankles senior

          While I have some sympathy for the homeless, I think, in my area you are preaching to a large number of hard to hear residents.

          • Nov 16th, 2016

          War Amps helps so many

          I am proud to be part of Operation Legacy, in which members and graduates of the War Amps Child Amputee (CHAMP) Program

          • Nov 16th, 2016

          Middle schools a success

          I read with interest and elation that Langley school district has unanimously supported the motion for a district wide middle school model.

          • Nov 16th, 2016

          President Trumps US

          Many people dislike Trump based on what they have seen in the past year. Slow down, take a breath and open your mind.

          • Nov 16th, 2016

          Op-ed: Green refineries better alternative than tankers

          David Black, majority owner of Black Press Group Ltd., writes about air quality, ocean health and speedy spill clean-up

          • Nov 9th, 2016

          Freeway ramp needs safety improvements

          Why? Because the on ramp to Hwy. #1 westbound is a very scary and dangerous area.

          • Nov 3rd, 2016