Time for action


Re: Hattie Hogeterp’s column, “Downtown blues remain a big challenge,” Feb. 24.

Thank you for the information regarding the Official Community Plan for Aldergrove. I would like to see action taking place!

I like this town a lot but it is always a letdown to see the downtown area. Most buildings could use a lot of sprucing up, including the Post Office which seems to need a major cosmetic uplift.

I am wondering what the plan is for the old army base, as I drive by unslightly boarded-up military housing.  This, to me, is a major blemish and I hope that the intention is to redo it, like Garrison Crossing in Chilliwack. Could you let me know?

I am not always lucky enough to snap up a copy of the Aldergrove Star because I live in rural Aldergrove and the copies are usually gone when I get to the rural boxes.

Thanks in advance.

Marietta Dorgan, Aldergrove