Time has come for a majority government


The Opposition in Ottawa have decided we need a federal election by voting the government out on a vote of confidence. This election will cost Canadian taxpayers over $300 million and have a negative effect on our economy and projects designed to help us recover from the recent world recession. The only bright spot is that it may allow the present government to obtain a majority in the House of Commons so they can pass needed legislation.

The present Conservative government have done a good job in managing the country as we now have the best economy in the world and we are number one in the G8. This is because we have a well educated population, many natural resources and a federal government that governs in the best interests of the country.

Another document that supports the above is the 2010 Economic Freedom of the World Report which rates all countries in accordance with the following. 1. size of government, expenditures, taxes and enterprises, 2. legal structure and security of property rights, 3. access to sound money, 4. freedom to trade internationally, 5. regulation of trade, labour and business. Canada rates #7 out of 141 countries, with Zimbabwe at the bottom. The top countries are Hong Kong and Singapore. They expect Canada to move up the scale when the 2011 report comes out this fall. The report is prepared by economic and legal foundations in 80 countries.

Back when the Liberals formed government Canada rated #13, or lower, so Canada has definitely improved under the Conservatives. The standards are judged by criteria established by think tanks in all countries judged with the Fraser Institute representing Canada. All this proves that no country and its government is perfect but that Canada has done very well over the past five years with our Conservative government.

The 2011 Budget contained many positive initiatives but it was not accepted by the opposition because it made the government look good and this would have a negative impact on their future. I urge all Canadians to vote so the Conservatives receive a majority and we get a responsible opposition. Canada and Canadians deserve the best.

Eric J Bysouth, Langley