Township negligent in maintaining its property

The Township of Langley is showing negligence in maintaining its own property.


The Township of Langley is showing negligence in maintaining its own property.

I live in Aldergrove and my house backs onto a green space, which the Township refuses to maintain. I have had a tree fall on my house, despite my warnings to the Township to do something about the trees in the green space. The Township would not pay any damages.

I have had pieces of trees fall onto my fence and damage it, and again the Township refuses to take responsibility.

Now I am in a dispute with them over blackberry bushes that are on Township property and invading my backyard. A year ago, when the tree fell on my house, the Township had no choice but to come and cut the remainder of the tree down, and while crews were doing that they decided to take away the blackberry bushes that were growing along part of my fence line.

Since then they have grown back in a monstrous way and are probably going to push my fence over. I have sent pictures to the Township and requested that they remove the blackberry bushes or cut them back away from my fence.

They have denied my request, but told me they will allow me to cut them back one metre from my fence line into their greenspace. This would be a monumental task for me to do, and yet a simple job for the Township with their crews and machinery. I explained this to the Township, however, my request was denied again.

I find it rather annoying that I pay property taxes and when I need the assistance of the Township to deal with their own mess, they tell me to do it myself.

I can provide further information, including the pictures and email responses from the Township.

J. Head, Aldergrove