What’s up with gas prices?


I can’t help but be angry about the prices that we are paying for gas these days. This is nothing more than a tax grab for the government and gouging by the oil companies.

The cost of oil at the wellhead is now over $100 a barrel, But the gas at the pumps right now was refined well before the prices started to skyrocket.

Today I saw gas prices of $131.9 at the corner of 208 and Fraser Highway in Langley Township. That’s an increase of three cents in 24 hours. Someone, please explain this to me. This is outrageous and something has to be done.

The government won’t do anything because they are getting all of the tax money from every sale of gasoline, and oil companies are just being greedy. None of the oil that is being bought and sold at the price of over $100 a barrel has even reached a refinery, so there is absolutely no rationale for increases in gas prices, except to benefit the government and the oil companies, because it sure as heck isn’t benefiting us, the taxpayer.

And what happened to the Saudi Arabia promise to take up the slack?  This is like increasing the cost now of corn flakes at the grocery store because the corn they will be harvesting next year will cost more.

I’ll be more agreeable to paying more for something when the product that I am buying is actually costing more in the here and now, not sometime in the future.

Debbie Atkinson, Langley