Champion Femsport competitors, from left: Carmen Falk Skolos, Kathy Weymer, Felicia Giesbrecht, John Coyle (coach), Tammy Bradley, Kyla Ellinthorpe, Zoe Brunchmann and Pam Lippmann.

Aldergrove’s ‘Durti Gurlz’ tops in ‘Femsport’ games

Durti Gurlz from Adergrove’s Apocalypse Training and Fitness Inc. were among the big winners

A group of “Durti Gurlz” from Aldergrove have won a bunch of athletic awards at the Femsport event.

Every September the North Vancover shipyards hosts the Femsport games, and the Durti Gurlz from Adergrove’s Apocalypse Training and Fitness Inc. were among the big winners.

The event has three divisions: novice, open and masters 40-plus. This ear there were about 50 competitors in events such as the tire drag, kettle ball sprint, tire flips, an obstacle course, box jumps and the sandbag burpee.

Durti Gurlz is an acronym, with “durti” standing for “determined, unstoppable, relentless, tenacious and irresistible.”

Felicia Giesbrecht took the first place prize in the open category, in a field of 18 competitors, followed by Tammy Bradley in second place. Both women are trainers or instructors at Apocalypse Training and Fitness Inc., which is owned by Cindy Legare and John Coyle.

Another member of the Durti Gurlz team, Kyla Ellinthorpe was in seventh place.

“It’s my fifth year of doing Femsport and my best result yet,” said Giesbrecht.

“I’ve been a trainer for eight years now, thee years with Apocalypse, doing group and personal training. My niche is working with women and moms.”

Giesbrcht said the box jumps have been her “nemesis” for the past years of competition at Femsport but perseverance finally paid off this year with her first place finish.

She has done five Tough Mudder competitions as well as the Tri-Fitness World Challenge in Florida, and she credits her hikes with helping her achieve best results.

Durti Gurlz team members in other divisions also achieved good results at Femsport.

Pam Lippmann was second and Zoe Brunchmann was fourth in the masters category, while Kathy Waymer was in a tie for 12th.

In the individual novice division Carmen Falk Skolos was 14th out of 17 competitors.