Aldergrove Mixed Slopitch team members leapfrogged for joy at the weekend's end of season tournament at Aldergrove's Parkside Park.

Good coaching, positive attitude brings wins

Aldergrove Mixed Slopitch season has come to an end again, with the 14 teams playing their season-closing tournament over the weekend.

The Aldergrove Mixed Slopitch season has come to an end again, with the 14 teams in the league playing their season-closing tournament over the weekend.

The Leg Ends team was the top team overall for the season, which started in April, thanks to their consistent wins.

However, it was the Got Played team which netted the A division trophy and the Danimals who earned the B division cup. Both of these teams had their struggles in the season but when it came down to the final three games on Sunday, they were the ones to win the three consecutive games and the honors.

It was the second consecutive year that the Got Played team won the season-end tourney.

“We were the fourth overall in the season and we struggled in the middle, but we started making the base hits, started coming together at the end,” said Jen Gallawan, the Got Played ‘team mom.’

“The league is a great bunch to play with, and you can come from the bottom and win, all you need is good coaching and a positive attitude.”

Got Played mercied Prestige Worldwide in their final game, after defeating the Double D’s and Coaches Bulldog earlier on Sunday.

Got Played’s coaches were Sean Gallawan, Paul Donald and Chris Rink. Got Played team members are Jason Wilson, Nick Wilson , Tyler Hambleton, Brandon Gallawan, Adam Dell, Chris Rink, Sean Gallawan, Josie Zanette, Deb Rae, Jamye Gallawan, Jennifer Gallawan, Paul Donald, Dez Lawrence, Ashleigh Bouvier and Tim Leon.

Gallawan noted that one of their players was injured in the first game, so she subbed in the second game, but when she too was injured in the second game, Got Played had to reach out for subs to play the final game. Gallawan credits the two players, one each from Leg Ends and Wrecking Crew, for stepping up to the plate.

Mona Lewthwaite of the Danimals said they had tied one and lost two games on Saturday, which seeded them in the B division, but the team roared back on Sunday to win all three games.

The final was a 15-13 win over Three Strikes, after defeating the Mad Batters and Alcoballics.

The Danimals include Mona and husband Dan, Steve Tremlett, Tom Bancroft, Stewart Broad, Stephanie Stewart, Chrissy Simon, Tyler Willis, Jordan Willis, Christy Dixon, Tyson Glover, Joanne Unger, Alex Rivard, Tyson Lewthwaite, Kelly Rivard, Kim McIlveen and Jory Schlechtleitner.

Fall slopitch begins in August and those wanting to register a team should go the website

Got Played won the A division championship.

The Danimals won the B division championship.

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