‘Pink’ Team Effort

  • Thu Jan 27th, 2011 12:00pm
  • Sports

Aldergrove put in a real “team effort” to raise money for Ava and Sammy, the twins injured in the Surrey house fire.

Melanie Wright, one of the managers of the Aldergrove Vipers Atom C2 team in Aldergrove, said, “Last month, our hockey team received an e-mail from a hockey mom on one of the other Atom teams, the Aldergrove Warriors Atom C3. Their team had sent out a very worthy challenge to all minor hockey teams: we are all wearing pink on our hockey sticks to raise money for Ava and Sammy, the twins in the Surrey house fire. Sadly, Ava has succumbed to her injuries, but the challenge is now even more important. This poor family needs all the help and support that can be mustered from all local communities. This family has lost everything, and have suffered the worst loss of all.”

Over the Christmas holidays, the Aldergrove Warriors Atom C3 team had a game against the Aldergrove Atom C1 team and both sides wore pink stripes on their sticks to raise money for this cause. They contributed two Saturday games to this family. There were donation cans and every time one of the boys scored, the can was passed around the arena.