Langley goes retro

New 1950s memorabilia and custom auto accessories store, Good Time Oldies, opens in the heart of hotrod country.

Lloyd Gregorowich (left) and Tom Reed have opened Good Time Oldies

Lloyd Gregorowich (left) and Tom Reed have opened Good Time Oldies

The car capital of Canada just wouldn’t be complete without a hotrod memorabilia shop.

This is the hole that car enthusiasts Tom Reed and Lloyd Gregorowich saw in Langley, and one they decided to take advantage of.

Good Time Oldies officially opened last Saturday (Dec. 10) on Logan Avenue to provide all the trinkets, “bling-bling,” chrome and auto accessories mandatory for any “mancave” or “girlcave.”

“With Langley being the city of hotrods, this is the place to be,” said Reed, joint owner of Good Time Oldies.

“A lot of the baby boomers are at the age where they are retiring, and they’ve got their hotrods, so they’re doing their mancaves and hangout huts,”

Carrying everything from James Dean street signs and Marilyn Monroe tumblers to retro licence plates and model toy cars, Reed and Gregorowich have a complete offering of 1950s memorabilia.

The also feature a number of western accessories, custom car accessories and can even order in odd parts or items such as carpet kits.

“We can do almost anything with memorabilia and accessories,” Reed said.

Both Reed and Gregorowich have long been part of the Langley car community.

Gregorowich is one of the founding directors of the Langley Good Times Cruise-In, and previously owned ‘50’s Forever memorabilia shop in Langley. He has been involved with hotrods for more than 40 years.

Growing up in the household of a mechanic, Reed has been car obsessed his whole life. Known in the community as “T-bucket” Tommy, he began buying and customizing classic Model A Fords 25 years ago.

“My dad was a mechanic, so I was always tinkering,” Reed said.

“Its just fun when you build something. I can be driving my 2005 Chevy and no one will let me into traffic, but I drive one of my hotrods and the whole world stops. It’s different when you’re rolling around in these because you’ve sunk your pride into it.”

The two owners have been friends for 20 years, and after talking about opening a shop together for a long time, they finally decided to go ahead and do it.

“Lloyd knows where to get all the stuff and I’m willing to put the labour in, so we finally said ‘lets do it.’ And Langley is the car city so it just makes sense,” Reed said.

This is more than just another car shop, Good Times Oldies is a place for hotrod enthusiasts to meet and discuss the most important thing in life: cars.

“Being bigger isn’t always better,” Reed said.

“We want the store to look cozy. We want people to be able to come in and have a coffee. We have chairs out front so people can have a seat. They don’t have to come in here to buy something, they can just come here to hang out.”

One of Gregrowich’s favourite sections in the store is the Clay Smith Cams corner. He has brought in special porcelain figurines of the auto shop’s infamous logo, “Mr. Horsepower,” as well as clocks, licence plates and more.

Reed says he loves every item they have brought in.

“I love mancaves, I have a mancave at home with the whole Budweiser and Coca-Cola scene, so I love all of the stuff thats in our store. It fits me and it fits our customers.”

Gregrowich and Reed invite anyone and everyone with an interest in cars or 1950s culture to stop by Good Time Oldies, browse through their store and have a coffee with the owners.

“One of the best parts is meeting tons of people that are into the same kind of things you are into,” Reed said.

“You never know who are talking to or who you are going to bump into.”

Good Time Oldies is now open at 101-20350 Logan Ave. from Monday to Saturday, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

For more, call 604-510-5464 or email