Aldergrove McDonald’s manager to represent Canada

Leanne Daniel is getting ready to head to Orlando, Florida as a member of the team attending the McDonald’s franchisee convention

Leanne Daniel

Leanne Daniel

Aldergrove McDonald’s restaurant manager Leanne Daniel is getting ready to head to Orlando, Florida as a member of the team of Canadian employees who will be attending the McDonald’s franchisee worldwide convention, held April 23 to 26.

She will have the chance to live a unique experience with the top employees from around the world.

“Leanne’s departure for Orlando is fast approaching, and we’re thrilled that she will be representing Canada at this worldwide McDonald’s event,” said Chuck Vertes, Aldergrove McDonald’s franchisee.

“Only a company like McDonald’s is able to recognize exceptional employees with a unique experience like this.”

Leanne has been chosen to be part of the Canadian team heading to Orlando from amongst over 80,000 McDonald’s Canada employees for her exceptional teamwork and customer service.

With 70 other employees from McDonald’s restaurants across Canada, Leanne will work alongside employees from all over the world to serve more than 15,000 people at the convention.

Leanne will bring back many lasting memories, including the opportunity to attend a Final Night Celebration with performances by Kelly Clarkson, Seal and Keith Urban.

“I’m very proud to work at McDonald’s and I am constantly amazed by the number of opportunities I get thanks to this job,” said Leanne.

“I’m honoured to be recognized by McDonald’s and I can’t wait to meet other employees from around the world and live this unique experience.”

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