A youth doing online counselling with the Langley Youth Hub. (Christine McCra/Special to the Star)

A youth doing online counselling with the Langley Youth Hub. (Christine McCra/Special to the Star)

Aldergrove youth invited to free counselling

Counselling sessions run on Tuesdays and Wednesdays in-person or virtually

A Langley youth organization is branching out to Aldergrove.

Langley Youth Hub has created a free counselling program for people age 12 to 24, for both Langley and Aldergrove youth to join.

Christine McCracken, executive director said, this program isn’t only for youth in Langley.

“We recognize the need for a program like this in Aldergrove, in the coming months we hope to open a facility in Aldergrove but for now, we have outreach going into Aldergrove and offering this free counselling service,” said McCracken.

Encompass is one of the partner agencies that will be able to use the new facility under construction by Langley Meals on Wheels.

Multiple days throughout the week, two outreach workers are sent to places in Aldergrove youth typically hang out, such as the skate park to offer snacks and talk about the free counselling service the hub provides.

“If the youth don’t have a way of getting from Aldergrove to Langley, we offer to meet them at a coffee shop in Aldergrove,” added McCracken.

McCracken explained, on Tuesdays from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m., a counsellor can meet with a youth virtually.

“We want this to be accessible and known to youth in Aldergrove, it’s tough to get access to things like this without going on a huge wait list, this way we can help the youth navigate to this service and provide them with what they need,” she said.

Currently all Encompass services are based at the Langley Youth Hub, based in the Willowbrook neighbourhood.

The hub plans to host one dinner a week in the coming months, in Aldergrove where youth can go, eat, and access free counselling.

People who want to book a free counselling session in-person or virtually, can call 604-546-1130.

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