Public Speaking Competition participants and judges at Langley’s Woodlands 4-H Hare and Hound Club

Public Speaking Competition participants and judges at Langley’s Woodlands 4-H Hare and Hound Club

Breeding ground for future leaders

Woodlands 4-H Hare and Hound Club

The 4-H year has just begun. What better way to kick start the year than a Public Speaking Night?

Because the 4-H club is not just training animals and new this year with Cloverbuds (6-9 year olds without animals) they also promote communication, educating peers, and being leaders.

When you see today’s youth using two thumbs and slang abbreviations to communicate more than their voice, you should already recognize the dying art of the ability for a leader to stand up, and think on their feet among today’s youth. Thirteen 4-H members between the ages of eight and 18 proved that it’s not always so.

During the Club Speech Competition last Saturday evening, the Woodlands’ members presented 12 speeches; ranging anywhere from 3-7 minutes, depending on the member’s age. As well, one served as the evening’s master chairperson.

For the senior members, they had the added challenge of doing an impromptu speech. An improvised speech, 1-2 minutes long, with a topic chosen for them by the six 4-H judges, was delivered.

After much deliberation among the judges, two junior and two senior members were given top honours and will go on to the District Speeches. Junior Tamara Marlikowski received first and Cassidy Smith second. Hilary Williams won the honour of third but will not be taking a position at district.

Among the seniors Jessie Stromberg-Smith placed first and in second was Nicole Schmidt. Tiana Beirnes placed third. A congratulations for every speech; they were all well prepared and exhibited great effort. Every speaker received acknowledgement, a score and comments by the judges.

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Special thanks go to the volunteer judges that day.

Ms. Boni Datema, Ms. Denise Radatzke, Ms. Sandra Smith, Ms. Linsey Ernst, Mrs. Glenda Reid, and Ms. Andrea Mcdonald, and master of ceremonies Rayne Poitras.