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Cookies and ear savers gifted to Langley heroes

Douglas Park Community School and Langley School District distributed goodie bags to say thank you

Hundreds of Langley businesses are getting gift bags of cookies and ears savers dropped off on their doorsteps in a gesture from Douglas Park Community School and the Langley School District to say thank you.

The Langley Advance Times was gifted a goodie bag last week, which contained an encouraging note alongside packaged English Bay brand chocolate chip cookies.

“Dear Hero, Thank you for everything you are doing to support the public during this time. We understand that to be safe you are wearing a mask all day long. In this envelope are ear savers made by Douglas Park Community School and the Langley School District. We are so thankful for everything you are doing and hope that this little token of appreciation will bring relief from the rubbing of the masks on your ears. Thank you! You make a difference! Stay safe!”

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Diana Wilk, principal of Douglas Park Community School said they have had been able to do this with some generous donations from our school staff, the Langley Soroptimists and The Douglas Park School Society to purchase the filament to produce the ear savers.

“It doesn’t matter where you are located in Langley we all share the core value of community and the vision of being unified. We are delighted and motivated to support those vulnerable workers who need to wear a mask all day,” Wilk said.

“More recently we have delivered ear savers to local businesses, focusing on hair/nail salons, restaurants and grocery stores. Our machine has been running non-stop as we are continually getting new requests for ear savers,” she added.


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