Brian and Mandy Dewit have owned their farm and harvested cranberries for over a decade (Facebook/The Bog at Riverside Cranberry Farm)

Jumping in a lake of cranberries

Fort Langley farmers launch self-guided tours of their bog that take up to two hours

People looking for fall activities might want to get their feet wet with a new opportunity.

The Bog Riverside Cranberry Farm is inviting the community to a self-guided tour taking place during the berry harvest.

Typically, cranberries take up to three years before growers are able to harvest them. Growers monitor the field throughout the year for weather damage, pests, and weeds that could affect the growth, explained Mandy Dewit, owner of Riverside.

“Cranberries do not grow in water. It’s a common myth that they do and with all the harvest pics circulating out there, I guess it’s not too surprising that is what a lot of people believe. The truth is cranberries are actually really good at hiding from plain sight. They grow on low lying perennial vines and the berries are mostly well tucked within the canopy of the intertwining plants,” Dewit elaborated.

Brian and Mandy Dewit have owned the 35-acre farm since 2010. Ten years in, they are still passionate about cranberries.

“Cranberry farming has been our gig for over a decade now, but Brian’s family has been involved in the industry since 1999. Over 18 months ago we took the plunge to go partially independent as cranberry growers, that means we get to choose what we do with the cranberries we grow,” said Dewit.

This is the second year of the self-guided tours, for the past four years the farm has only been open to the public to visit the market.

Their self-guided tours started Sept. 17 and run until Oct. 9. All tours have a two-hour limit.

The self-guided tour allows people to stroll the perimeter of the field and watch the beater machine working or see the cranberries being pumped off the flooded field.

There are QR codes around the farm for an audio tour, to help people on the self-guided trek, and informational displays to teach about cranberry farming.

People can visit the fruit packing room to watch the antique cranberry cleaning equipment in action.

There will be multiple photo opportunities to document the tour.

Visitors can put on a pair of the farms boots and enjoy walking in a field of floating cranberries during the Cranberry Plunge.

This event is safe for the whole family. The farm asks any parents of kids who want to participate in the Cranberry Plunge to hold onto them for safety precautions.

People can purchase fresh farm cranberries, cranberry sauces, and cranberry juice just in time for Thanksgiving, inside the farm store.

Tickets are $14.99 for adults, $9.98 for people aged three to 12, $12.20 for people aged 13 to 17 or $45.62 for a family pass.

Tickets are only sold online. Visit to choose the date and time for a visit the farm.

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