Petunia and her six kittens are an internet sensation

Petunia and her six kittens are an internet sensation

Kittens an internet hit

There have been more than one million views of a young Langley cat and her six kittens.

A first-time mom and her six adorable kittens from Langley have become internet sensations, with more than one million views of the “kitty cam” that live streams their shenanigans 24 hours a day.

Petunia was brought into the Patti Dale Animal Shelter on March 4 looking very pregnant, said Langley Animal Protection Society (LAPS) animal shelter manager Sean Baker.

Foster volunteer Shelly Roche, who works with technology, leapt into action the next day, taking the affectionate young cat to the vet to get an X-ray. The results were five babies ready to be born (the sixth was a surprise because it was hidden.)

On March 18, the six tiny babies were born healthy at Roche’s Fort Langley home. Less than a year old herself, Petunia’s instincts kicked in and she’s been a great mom, said Baker.

The day they were born a video camera went up to capture all the adorable moments of these little fluff balls.

Thousands upon thousands of people around the world have watched and commented on these kittens as they opened their eyes and started exploring their world in the adorable, klutzy way kittens do. They can be see pouncing on each other and, falling all over, to sleeping in a big heap of cuteness.

It’s all pretty adorable and addictive to watch. Baker has heard of a couple of IT departments banning the “kitty cam” because the livestream was taking up too much juice.

After fostering them for eight to 10 weeks all seven will be spayed and neutered, then return to LAPS to find their forever homes.

“Right now they are six weeks old so they still have a few weeks on the camera,” said Baker.

They have received some inquiries about the kittens, but as a policy they will not be allowing anyone to reserve a kitten or the mom.

“They are thriving. There are no health issues at all,” he said.

Roche only moved to Langley a year ago and already she has fostered three or four litters. This is her first with a mom which makes it a lot easier, rather than having to bottle feed kittens 24/7.

If you haven’t already, check out Petunia and her babies here: