Langley pet store helps find home for ‘senior’ pets

Langley pet store helps find home for ‘senior’ pets

Everyone deserves a second chance, including dogs and cats who are in search of forever homes.

There is no question that puppies and kittens are super cute, but if anyone has ever brought one home, they know they can require a lot of time, attention – and most of all – patience.

Between midnight meowing and watching the favourite shoes turn into chew toys, there are countless reasons to consider the benefits of adopting a senior pet.

At least that’s what Langley’s own Canadian Animal Rescue & Extended Shelter (CARES) – a cat shelter with its adoption centre located out of the local PetSmart store – is counting on, as they prepare to end this weekend with a few animals less in care.

PetSmart stores across the country – including the Langley Bypass outlet – are hosting a three-day blitz aimed at finding homes for adult pets.

PetSmart’s and CARES are joining forces to host a national adoption weekend from Nov. 10 to 12.

Adult pets are in need of a second chance, said David Haworth, president of PetSmart Charities.

“At PetSmart Charities, our mission is to find lifelong, loving homes for all pets—and that includes pets that aren’t always top-of-mind for some adopters,” he explained.

“For homes with very young children or families seeking a more calm and mature companion, adopting a senior pet may be a great way to go.”

From Nov. 10 – 12, more than 3,500 animal welfare organizations will bring adoptable pets into nearly all of PetSmart’s 1,500-plus stores in the U.S. and Canada with the goal of finding homes for more than 25,000 pets during this weekend.

Regardless of the age of the four-legged friend the family chooses to adopt, or where they adopted from, PetSmart offers a free adoption kit that provides important content to help integrate a new pet into the family.

Adoption papers required.

More info on this program and other PetSmart adoption initiatives can be found at


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