Our town turns green for summer

Aldergrove Seniors' Report

It’s summertime at last and everything is so green and beautiful. We live in a great place: O Canada, we are proud of you.

Things have quietened down at the OAP Hall. Carpet bowling is over until September, no more pot luck dinners until fall, but on Mondays at 1 p.m. cribbage is the game and on Saturday afternoons there is oldtime dancing and on Friday evenings the bridge club meets.

There are fewer attending bridge so the club is considering changing the format to partnership bridge on July 15.

Bridge is a great game and has been played at the OAP Hall for many years so to see it die out would be disheartening.

Winners at the last session were Doug Johnston with the first prize score of 8350, Evelyn Swenssen was second with 7330 and Bill Smith had 6760.

In this changing world we live in I feel sorry that people don’t enjoy socializing with people they know rather than communicating all over the world with people they may never see, but that’s the computer age for you. So be it.

The summer sale at the Veteran’s and Seniors Club is coming up on Saturday, July 23. After watching the Aldergrove Fair Days Parade call in at the club for a hamburger or hotdog from the kitchen.

The sale actually starts at 9 a.m. so be an early bird before the parade to scan over the tables of goods. There will also be crafts and books for sale.

Call in at the club from Tuesday to Friday to enjoy a noon dinner, followed by cribbage, whist or dominoes.

Canada Day seemed to bring out the crowds and make us proud to be Canadians.

Perhaps the visit of the Royal couple had something to do with that?

Hockey season is over but I’m keeping track of all the trades that are taking place.  It was a great hockey season but came to a sad ending — not the loss to Boston so much as the stupidity of the masses on the streets of Vancouver, giving our beautiful city a black eye.

Here’s a story to give you a chuckle:

A man and wife are sitting together in their home and he says, “Honey, just so you know, I never want to live in a vegetative state, dependent on some machine and fluid from a bottle. If that happens please just pull the plug.”

So his wife immediately got up and unplugged the TV and threw out all his beer.