Seniors homes send souper message to Langley Lodge

Two local seniors homes sent comfort food to show support for staff at the complex care home

A local Bria Communities seniors homes wanted to show their support for the staff at Langley Lodge by sending along the ultimate comfort food.

On Thursday afternoon Bria sent gourmet soups to Langley Lodge, the not-for-profit long term care centre that has been hard hit by the coronavirus.

“In Langley, many of the seniors living communities share a special relationship, we jokingly refer to as ‘co-opertition’,” said Janice Miller, with Bria Communities. “There’s a bond of friendship, and when we see our friends having a tough time, we want to help.”

Working with local, plant-based restaurant, Leef and Stem, staff from Magnolia Gardens and Sunridge Gardens delivered 100 bowls of soup. The soup came with crackers with a message attached for the staff, “We think you’re SOUPER! Stay strong.”

“Staff at long-erm care centres like the ones at Magnolia Gardens and Langley Lodge are experiencing lots of challenges. The days are long exhausting,” Miller said. “We thought about sending flowers or baking, but it seemed like the best idea was to send something that would help staff stay strong and healthy.”

Kyle Sanker, marketing communications specialist at Langley Lodge, responded to the delivery with an email of thanks, “[We] just finished giving out all the soups, and man, they were a huge hit.”