One of the baby kittens stolen from Aldor Acres (Facebook/Aldor Acres)

One of the baby kittens stolen from Aldor Acres (Facebook/Aldor Acres)

Kittens stolen from Aldergrove’s Aldor Acres

Two baby kittens stolen within a week

An Aldergrove farm has had two kittens stolen within a week.

Aldor Acres announced in a Facebook post, two baby kittens had been stolen from their pens, one last week and one Tuesday, Oct. 26.

Katie Brownlee, farm employee, said the farm was built on trust and respect, she wanted to be able to trust people around the animals.

“Trust that you will treat our home & our family the way you would want to be treated. How would you feel if someone came to your home and took away one of your family members?,” Brownlee said in the Facebook post.

For many years, the farm has had an open petting zoo, where people can go in to the pens, play with the animals, and learn about what they are and how they live.

“You can watch documentaries, read books, or have educated conversations but when you actually feel a heartbeat, look into the eyes, & feel connected to another being other than yourself – it changes the ball game. We are all connected. All life deserves to be treated with the kind of respect & kindness we ourselves would like to be treated with,” added Brownlee.

Due to the stolen kittens, the farm has had to take away the ability for people to go through pens on their own. Employees will be watching the animals and guests at all times.

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