We have it good in Aldergrove!

When you think of the snow on the prairie piled high in the driveways and the floods in Australia, the trouble in Egypt and earthquakes throughout the world you begin to think we’re lucky in little old Aldergrove. We only have a few drops of rain every now and then and a cool wind that chills your homes. So let’s be thankful.

Here’s a piece of information I want you to keep in mind; on Monday, Feb. 7 at 1 p.m. we are having a cribbage event. You don’t need to be a pro, just have a slight knowledge of the game and we will be there to give you a lesson. This is a charity event; come and spend a pleasant afternoon.

I have bridge scores that are a week old; a good crowd gathered last Friday at the OAP Hall, there were four and a half tables, which is a bit better then they have had lately. Louise Perron had the high score of 7280, Bill McKeown was second with 6290 and Brenda McMurdo had 6050. Sorry to be so late in reporting but I flaked out last week and gave up doing my job. It’s allowed after 22 years of telling what the seniors are doing — a volunteer job too.

The general meeting of the OAP will be held Friday, Feb. 4 at 1 p.m. Come and bring a friend as we are trying to get some life into the club.

Where are all the seniors? I know, it’s the computer age…

The pot luck at the OAP Hall was not as well attended as sometimes but the food was delicious. Dishes like shepherd’s pie, scalloped potatoes, macaroni and cheese, baked pork and beans, all old fashioned dishes, were enjoyed by all. See you at the next pot luck on the fourth Sunday of February. Come and enjoy a card bingo game following dinner.

The Art Club meets each Wednesday afternoon at the OAP Hall, bridge on Friday evenings and carpet bowling on Thursday afternoon.

Now for news from the Veterans and Seniors Club. It was a good week, as many as 30 came for dinner one day and 20 another, so that was encouraging. Rick, our cook, keeps us all happy with good noon meals from Tuesday to Friday. Crib follows on Tuesday, dominoes on Thursday and whist on Friday. We’re glad to have a few new members joining us, but we’d always welcome more.

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching; don’t forget your sweeties, you guys out there. Hope you ate your haggis on Robbie Burn’s Day, Jan. 25. Before you know it the Easter cards will be on display and so the year goes.

Here’s a weird story that may be amusing to some. There’s a lady telling how she became a victim of a scam after shopping at a big-box store. “Two seriously good-looking, well built, cowboy type guys come over to my car and began cleaning the windshield with a rag and windex. When offered a tip, they refused but asked for a ride to another store. They got in the back seat and began talking a little strange, and one of the fellows jumped into the front seat and kissed her on the neck. Meanwhile the other guy stole her purse. I had my purse stolen last Tuesday, Wednesday, twice on Thursday and again on Saturday, also yesterday and most likely tomorrow.”