Jeremy Pue of White Cloud Productions. (screenshot)

Jeremy Pue of White Cloud Productions. (screenshot)

Aldergrove filmmaker hopes to capture local stories in 2021

Though Jeremy Pue did not receive a Storyhive grant, he is finding other avenues to make his film

Aldergrove filmmaker Jeremy Pue is not giving up hope. Sometime in 2021, the owner of White Cloud Productions said local stories will be told.

Telus gives out 40 grants to filmmakers each year through its subsidiary, Storyhive; Pue decided that he wanted to tell the story of his community through the lens of one resident that particularly makes Aldergrove shine.

He put out the call in September to find his local hero to spotlight and was instantly stunned that he racked up more than 40 suggestions.

“Unfortunately we weren’t the recipient of the Local Hero grant for this year,” he told the Aldergrove Star, but added that he is going on his own to tell several different Aldergrove stories through his own proposed project – something he had planned to do if he did not receive the grant.

“COVID is continuing to get in the way of us pursuing doing the smaller local hero pieces,” he noted, but said he’s hoping as restrictions loosen up, that White Cloud will be able to execute them soon.

Pue said he has a few residents in mind, based on the submissions he received back in the fall.

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In the meantime, Pue said he was involved with some other projects including an HBO documentary about the cruise ship that was stuck in Japan near the first wave of COVID.

He was able to interview one of the Vancouver residents that was on board the ship.

“Not all was lost and that opportunity has helped to open the door for another documentary opportunity as well,” Pue explained.

He said he is currently keeping his eyes open for other grant opportunities that can help with the more localized project and plans to keep residents updated on the project as the year progresses.

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