Farm museum presents the ‘old and new days’

Join the B.C. Farm Museum in celebrating “Old and New Days” on Monday, Sept. 3.

Join the B.C. Farm Museum in celebrating “Old and New Days” on Monday, Sept. 3. This is another special day at the museum in Fort Langley with admission by donation.

The museum will be featuring many items, large and small, dating back 80 to 100 years shown alongside today’s version of the same thing. An example would be a John Deere tractor from 1937 alongside a 2012 J D tractor.

They have assembled many smaller items to show how everyday items have changed in 100 years. Razors, radios, telephones etc. will be on display in the Farm Museum. This is a great opportunity to show the younger members of the family how things were done back then compared to today.

Long-time member, Carel Jongs is in charge of the overall day and has lined up the new and old larger items (tractors, trucks, cars) outside the Museum on King Street.

Member Duane Rose is coordinating the ‘old and new’ display inside the museum.

Compare a straight razor/electric razor, brace & bit/cordless drill, large AM radio/travel alarm, drum record player/MP3 player, oil lamp/LED flashlight, and box camera/digital camera. Many of these items are in operating condition.

“We will be selling freshly cooked ‘corn on the cob’ plus soft drinks and water – always a hit with our visitors,” says Syd Pickerell, President of the B.C. Farm Museum.

Some of the stationary engines (single cylinder, hit and miss) will be running along with the museum’s windmills. There will be rope-making demonstrations, egg sorting and tomato sorting demos – lots going on.

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