Nick Svab, drummer for Fear the Wolves. (Fear the Wolves/Special to the Langley Advance Times)

Nick Svab, drummer for Fear the Wolves. (Fear the Wolves/Special to the Langley Advance Times)

Fear the Wolves – a new band with teeth

A modern Langley rock band promises their debut album will have a biting sound

Langley drummer Nick Svab said it was sudden, but joining up with Bronsen Rasmussen and Allen Yang has seemingly led to nothing but good things.

“The band formed about half a year before I joined. See I’ve been drumming for as long as I can remember – I think I was four when I started. I was wanted to be in a band but I couldn’t find the people,” Svab recalled.

Taking inspiration from drummers like Rush’s Neil Pert and Led Zeppelin’s John Bonham, he had been pursuing projects like a daily cover uploaded to Instagram when he decided to take a music career seriously and put an ad out on Facebook for a band.

“It was crazy! Their drummer had a fit and quit three days before a show in Vancouver so I stepped up and filled in. First time ever playing live with a rock band, let alone downtown Vancouver,” Svab said. “They were super impressed and we all get along great so we have been going strong ever since.”

Fear the Wolves officially formed in early 2019 – with “Fear” originally starting out as “Feed” – and have been cranking out alternative rock tunes ever since.

“Our songs are heavily inspired by such artists such as Theory of a Deadman, Nickleback, Seether and Korn,” Svab noted.

With weekly performances across the Lower Mainland and three to five rehearsals at Svab’s Langley house every week, Fear the Wolves are carving out a name for themselves.

Releasing the digital single “No Way” and now putting the finishing touches on their debut album, Svab said every time they get up on stage, the band gets the chance to be themselves.

“No one can tell you otherwise while your up there so I would say that’s the best part. Luckily we have started working with some key players in the industry too. Darren Grahn, our new found producer, learned under Bob Rock and he recorded Metallica,” Svab exclaimed.

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Fear the Wolves will perform at Gabby’s Country Cabaret on March 26; more information can be found at

“I would say Facebook and Instagram are your best bet to stay in touch with news. For our recordings we currently have two singles out you can find those on Youtube, Spotify, Itunes, etc,” Svab said. “Our EP and the single we are recording with Darren comes out June 26 when we go on our western Canada tour.”


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