VIDEO: Langley duo release decluttering song

Gord Maxwell and Laurie Thain put out new ditty in time for Labour Day weekend cleaning fest

A pair of Langley singers and songwriters were inspired to release a new ditty inspiring people to declutter.

Gord Maxwell and Laurie Thain have created a song called, “Keep, Sell, Donate, Dump,” which they released on YouTube Sept. 3 – in time for the Labour Day weekend.

“Yes, we have taken a little step off our musical path with this novelty song,” said Thain.

“Don’t worry, we haven’t lost our way. We’re just having a little fun… This new song is just in time to help you with your decluttering projects on the Labour Day weekend,” she added.

The song was inspired by a friend who was struggling with the task of decluttering and was lamenting that her whole life had become, keep, sell, donate, dump, over and over.

“The way she said those words set up a rhythm in our heads and here is the result,” said Thain.

“This song will make decluttering your home a breeze. Just sing along to ‘Keep, Sell. Donate, Dump’ and watch your problems magically disappear,” Thain joked, while encouraging those with an impressive collection of clutter to put the song on repeat while they work.

During the past 30 years, Maxwell and Thain have been quietly writing and co-producing concept projects, themed musicals, and educational material for young learners, while pursuing independent music careers.

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