TrueSelf.io Enneagram Personality Test Profile Reviews – Is It Worth Trying?

A person’s true identity, including their best and worst qualities, can be better understood through self-actualization. Once a person has a firm grasp of their character, growth, and the correction of the past, errors become simple processes. Learning to embrace oneself on a deep, fundamental level is the essence of self-awareness. Many people make positive changes to their lives or grow as individuals when they gain insight into their personalities. How can one arrive at authentic self-awareness? Individuals taking the advanced personality tests available at TrueSelf.io can better gain insight into who they indeed are in terms of their identities, perspectives, and definitions. This article provides an overview of the TrueSelf.io assessment tool and its functions.

Trueself.io: What Is It?

Trueself.io personality test can take only a few minutes on an internet platform. Users gain profound insight into their personalities thanks to the test. The Enneagram is a free, in-depth personality test that can shed light on your path to fulfillment. The results accurately inspire and provide complete self-realization. The test’s inventor asserts that its results reveal an individual’s “unrealized potential.” Below is a spectrum that illustrates how the TrueSelf.io platform reads a person’s personality and exposes their hidden traits.

  • It broadens one’s perspective, reveals latent abilities, and provides meaning to one’s existence.
  • Potential and skills the individual is unaware they possess are shown during the test.
  • You learn how you’ve been preventing yourself from seeing the splendor of life.
  • A person’s actual character flaws are exposed.

A Guide to Taking the Personality Test

To begin the free personality test, the user must first launch the official platform and select the “Start Your Free Personality Test” page. When prompted, they should choose their gender. They need to answer questions about their lives between the ages of 15 and 24 for the most reliable findings. In addition, people need to share the most honest parts of their lives. They need to arrange the cards from most accurate to least accurate, then click “Got it! Let’s Start.” The user is taken to a selection screen where they can tap on the personality type they choose from a list. The user must make methodical answer selections until the task is finished. The user is almost finished when a window claims they must answer a few questions. Once the user clicks the OK button, they are taken to a page where they can select their preferences and values. For the final step, the results are “alchemized,” The user enters their name and email address to receive their TrueSelf.io personality profile. One can tailor the search to their specific needs. The findings will also show you which famous people share personality traits with you.

Why Take the TrueSelf.io Personality Test and What Can You Learn About Yourself?

The creator of the test divided it into 15 categories to help people better understand themselves. The following topics are included in TrueSelf’s Enneagram Personality Test:

  • Identifying one’s genuine personality type
  • How one perceives the world
  • A person’s potential, abilities, and talents.
  • One’s motivational factor
  • Core wiring
  • The object of someone’s apprehension
  • Basic Requirements
  • The core desires one wishes to fulfill
  • Personal values and beliefs
  • What one likes
  • Disliked things
  • Ways of doing things
  • Impact of Strategies
  • Distinguishing features
  • Attention and focus

The test’s creator asserts that workers widely use it at major corporations to gain insight into themselves and their colleagues. Some popular platforms used to take the test are Facebook, M&T Bank, Vmware, Kajabi, Walgreens, and Chewy.


In What Ways Does Enneagram Work?

The term “Enneagram” describes a specific personality type that presents numerous versions of how people view the world and handle their emotions. An Enneagram model describes and illustrates nine distinct personality types and how they interact with one another. The Enneagram categorizes people according to their underlying assumptions about the world. People’s beliefs reveal their preferences toward other people and the world as a whole, as well as the things that make them anxious or driven. The creator of the personality test model argues that one’s fundamental convictions may or may not be wrong but serve to confine the individual. People’s perspectives can be widened, and their ability to solve problems is boosted by learning their Enneagram type and its role in defining their worldview. This method helps people find their identity and live it to the fullest. Each of the nine possible Enneagram personality types has a unique set of guiding principles that, depending on the individual, might prompt a distinctive way of thinking and doing. A person’s Enneagram type is the only reliable way to make sense of their seemingly conflicting behavioral shifts. The Enneagram is also helpful for stress management. When someone knows their Enneatype, they can assess their virtues and shortcomings and seek to improve. The TrueSelf.io Enneagram personality test also shows opportunities for growth and mutual benefit.


When a person knows their personality, they can better understand themselves and the people around them. They also find out what their strengths and weaknesses are. The TrueSelf.io personality test has been made with an easy-to-use interface to help people learn more about themselves and get closer to the people they care about. To get a full report on your personality, you must follow the on-screen instructions to the letter. The creator made an Enneagram that is easy for people to use by giving them short, structured choices that they choose in order. The advanced test lets people add value to their families and teams at work. It makes a map of a person’s personality so they can change their likes, dislikes, attitudes, and other core values.

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